New Possibilities for Differently Abled Learners

Individuals with disabilities have the right to benefit from what the technology provides them with in order to have a better learning and accessibility to information

How do Assistive technologies and Accessability come into play in e-learning? Get started finding out here.

It is interesting to note that technology is getting updated day by day. These technology updates are providing a lot of enhancements to different sectors. We can put forward E-learning as an example of enhancement made by technology in the field of education.

E-learning has helped a lot of students to study from their homes during the pandemic without their physical attendance in the classroom. According to a 2011 UN Report, disabled children that age between 0–14 years consists of 93 to 150 million across the world, And most of them are excluded from the educational opportunities

Technology has changed the way learning is created and consumed in the 21st century. It has also brought in tremendous possibilities to create ‘inclusive’ learning that takes into consideration the special needs of differently abled learners as well — in educational institutes as well as corporate organizations

Look at everyday objects in a new light

Not all assistive technology solutions involve specialty materials or things created specifically for disability. Sometimes, the most simple solutions can be the most effective. Look around your room and see what can be used to improve accessibility or make tasks easier.

Some learners have physical disabilities where they are unable to travel to classrooms or other locations for training. Some others with sensory disabilities like vision or hearing impairment, will face challenges in utilizing the traditional classroom tools and study materials. Some might have cognitive impairments, Where they have to learn through a different technique.

Assistive Computer Technology (AT) is a technology that helps students irrespective of any disability, to effectively interact with a computer. There are some techniques where assistive technologies can be used to solve their problems

Zoondia being one of the top customized IT solution supports Assistive E-learning Technology aiding the Specially Abled Learners for great future.

Benefits Of Assistive E-learning Technology

Most of the assistive devices have the following benefits:

  • To achieve more self-confident.
  • It is easier and faster to realize his or her potential.
  • AT gives a sense of independence.
  • It makes children with disabilities be and feel equal to healthy classmates.
  • It helps in daily living.
  • Technology is a good encouragement for young learners.

Final Thoughts

Parallel to the e-learning experience, there are technologies developed and being developed for helping differently-abled students. These technologies have brought in tremendous opportunities and possibilities to aid the special needs of differently-abled learners. Zoondia understands that the Best End-to-End Development Solutions is the key to facilitating the customization of such technologies

Zoondia is looking forward to implementing these applied sciences into their apps to ensure that technology provides its real advantages to all sectors.

Continuous Research on new technologies and our pool of expert professionals is what helps Zoondia stay abreast with scientific advancements and validate the claim of being the Best Custom Software Development Company.

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